RSS Instructions

The Volatility Library RSS feed allows users to receive automatic notifications of new posts to the library. Some examples of RSS readers that can receive this feed and instructions for adding the feed follow:


Click on the orange RSS icon in the Firefox location bar at the top of the window. The feed will be displayed. You can now subscribe to the feed by setting the dropdown list to Live Bookmarks and clicking Subscribe Now. You can also use this page to subscribe to the feed in Microsoft Outlook and Google, as well as other popular readers.

To see the feed in Firefox, on the menu click Bookmarks, then Bookmarks Toolbar, then The Volatility Library. The bookmarks will be updated automatically to include new posts.

Microsoft Outlook

In Outlook, you will see a folder named RSS Feeds. Right-click on it, click New feed, and enter, and any new post made to the Volatility Library will appear in that folder in the same manner as e-mails.


You can set up your iGoogle page such that a widget will appear, whenever you visit Google, which will display the Volatility Library posts and links. In iGoogle, click on Add Stuff. Then, click on Add feed or gadget. Enter in this field, and click ADD. Return to the iGoogle home page and the new Volatility Library Feed will be included.

Internet Explorer

For some reason, the IE RSS feeds button is turned off sometimes. It should appear along with the home and print icons. If it is not there, right-click on the command bar, click Customize, and then Add or Remove Commands. The orange Feeds button should be at the top of the list. Click on it and ADD. Then close and the orange icon should appear on the tool bar. Now, click on this button to display the feed. Click Subscribe to the feed and Subscribe. You are now subscribed. To see the feed, click on the Favorites button (not the menu item) to open the favorites bar on the left. Click on the feed tab and you will see the Volatility Library Feed.

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